Our team is comprised of craftsmen with a wealth of training and experience in the construction of beautiful timber, log, and hybrid structures and accents.

  • Design and concept *ideas* for your home or building.
  • Supply of pre-cut and test fitted timber packages for quick and efficient on-site installation.
  • Installation of complete log packages and timber frames.
  • Design and manufacturing of custom exterior and interior doors.
  • Design and manufacturing of custom solid wood stairs, railings, cabinetry, and furniture.
  • Assistance in sales of timber (AM Salvage) and logs.
  • Custom sawmilling and planing.


Have an Idea?

We can work with you to come up with ideas to pass along to your general contractor or architect.

Architectural Plans Ready?

We work directly from your blueprints to build and install exactly what you and your team have designed. We will work seamlessly with your general contractor or just one-on-one with you, depending on the scale of the project.

Just need help with the timber component?

Using your architectural plans, we can manufacture a log or timber frame structure to your supplied specifications. Off-site fabrication alleviates congestion and provides a worry-free product.

Test fitted and pre-finished for hassle-free assembly

We deliver a carefully crafted product, complete with clear plans, labelled pieces and all necessary hardware. Each structure is carefully test-fitted at our yard and we guarantee that each join will assemble as promised. The result is hassle-free construction and satisfied customers. Read more.

All I need are logs or beams.

We can supply logs and timbers, through respected lumber dealers, finished to your size and specifications at a very competitive prices. Sanding and staining is available as necessary.


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