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The River’s Edge Studio, Inc. offers a unique blend of the latest technology for custom design, with old-world craftsmanship of traditional joinery. Both timber frame and log construction offer incredible design flexibility, and provide spacious living with simple rustic elegance.

We excel in providing attention to detail, and enjoy bringing your ideas to life. What we like most about our contributions to a project is the simple grace. It’s a grand deception, no matter what the scale, considering the concentrated effort that makes it all possible. However, that’s what is so satisfying. We know people will live among our work and admire it for a long, long time.


Timber Structures

There are many ways that The River’s Edge can incorporate timber into your project.  One option is a traditional mortise and tenon frame. A partial or hybrid timber frame is another option where only a portion of the home has exposed timber and the balance of the home is built conventionally. Timber trusses can also be used to accent and enhance any project. Trusses may be built in a variety of styles, ranging from Gothic to Oriental. We will provide any level of delivery required, from raw timber supply to a fully assembled and pre-finished structure. Although we regularly work on high-end residential timber frame applications, we are able to deliver projects on any scale – from simple cosmetic details to fully structural timber frames.

  •  Structural Framework

    To create the structural framework of your building, Timber Frames utilize four-sided timbers or columns, beams, trusses, and bents, etc.

  • Roof Systems

    Trusses, beams, ridge and rafters, or purlins can be designed to your specifications.

  • Post and Beams

    We are experts at timber Post and Beam structures. Post and beam is a century-old construction method using a header that is supported at it’s ends by two vertical posts.

  • Accents

    We offer a wide variety of timber accents, from pre-assembled timber trusses with purlins to timber siding with wavy edges.

Log Construction

The River’s Edge Studio creates some of the finest handcrafted log profiles:

  • Two-sided Dove-tail

    Each log is run through our sawmill creating a flat on two sides of the log (the inside and outside).  At the corner, the hand hewn logs are compound mitered and hand fitted dovetails.

  • Full Round Saddlenotch

    The full round logs are hand hewn with draw knives  and the saddle-notch corners are handscribed for a snug fit.

  • Swedish Cope

    These logs are handscribed the full length of the log allowing it to rest fully on the contour of the log below it. The intersecting logs are handhewn and the saddle-notch corners are handscribed for a tight fit.

  • Post and Beam

    A unique compromise between logs, timbers and framing, this approach allows the client to choose between several applications and styles and exhibits fewer architectural limitations than other forms of construction.



We provide a variety of siding options and accents that can be added to your home in combination with full post and beam, timber frame, or mixed in with conventional framing to give your home a warm, rustic, or elegant style. Pair our expert sawmilling services with sustainable logs and reclaimed lumber from AM Salvage for an amazing siding package.



We specialize in architectural components:

  • Ranch Entries
  • Truss/Purlin Roof Entries
  • Living/Diningroom Roof Structures
  • Porte Cochere – Covered Driveway Roof
  • Siding
  • Mantels
  • Feature Beams and Braces
  • Handrails and Staircases



We have an extensive millwork shop and a highly skilled team of finishing carpenters to produce a variety of products:

  • Entry Doors
  • Interior doors
  • Stairs
  • Railings
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture

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