Our Mission


Everyone at The River’s Edge Studio prides themselves on professionalism and efficiency. We understand the importance of valuable space on a job site, as well as the assurance of a project being completed in a timely manner.

On-site fabrication of log and timber components can cause unnecessary congestion and delays that can ultimately affect all of those involved.

Our business is located on six acres in the Signal Peak Industrial Park so that we can better and more efficiently serve both ends of the Gunnison Valley, as well as neighboring and distant areas. Our larger space allows for exclusive off-site fabrication, saving you space, time, and money; all without sacrificing our well-known and respected high standard of quality. We share our space with AM Salvage and Rocky Mountain Masonry, making it easy to work together to create building packages.

Off-site fabrication allows the general contractor or home-owner to focus on other important aspects of their build that need attention. Our highly experienced crew guarantees a worry-free product that is professionally built, delivered, installed, and incorporated into your project. Whether it is one entryway accent truss that is needed for your simple stick-frame family home, or a complete timber package for your mountainside vacation chalet, we provide our customers with the highest quality and most professional product around.

Your River’s Edge products are individually crafted by our highly skilled crew. Using chainsaws, traditional hand tools, select power tools, and our sawmill, we specialize in the use of large diameter, standing-dead, full length logs, ‘character logs’ with unique natural features that are strategically placed for optimal appeal, reclaimed historical timber from structures around the United States, as well as material from your own sources.

Each log is hand hewn with a draw-knife finish to the client’s specifications, cut and carved. By scribing and hand-fitting each log in our construction yard, we maintain a high degree of quality control on your project. For post-and-beam structures, our specialty is working with reclaimed timber from AM Salvage, as well as logs that are milled into uniform timbers on our industrial sawmill.

Nonstructural log and timber accents are also available for use in conventionally framed buildings.

We offer the most competitive rates in the area, and strive to keep your project on budget while providing you with the highest quality product that people have grown to expect from The River’s Edge Studio.


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